What Is a Notary Public in Pennsylvania and Why Do You Need One?

A Notary Public is an individual appointed and commissioned by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Notaries as a public official have been granted powers pursuant to the Notary Public Law of 1953, as amended (57 P.S. § 147 et seq.) … [Continue reading]

Grandparent Rights and Child Custody in PA

York grandparents custody

Grandparent Rights to Child Custody in Pennsylvania   In Pennsylvania grandparents and great-grandparents have the right to seek custody of their grandchildren in certain circumstances. It must first be understood that Pennsylvania … [Continue reading]

Positives and Negatives of Corporations in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Corporation

Forming a Corporation in Pennsylvania Previously, we explored the business entity called an LLC. We explained why LLCs can be advantageous here in Pennsylvania.  Another business form that can be extremely useful is the Corporation. Our focus in … [Continue reading]

Benefits of Forming an LLC in Pennsylvania

Limited Liability Company in Pennsylvania

LLCs  in Pennsylvania When setting up a new business, it is critical to choose the correct structure.  One popular type of structure here in Pennsylvania is the LLC, or Limited Liability Company. Why an LLC? Limited Liability Companies provide … [Continue reading]

Keep These Tax Advantages in Mind for Fees, Medical Expenses and Spousal Support

spousal support tax deduction

Reminder for Families of all Clients: Tax Advantages for Family Law The purpose of this post is to advise some of our family law clients of tax advantages they may be entitled to as a result of the legal fees they have incurred and paid during … [Continue reading]

New Rules Regarding Real Estate Settlements

New TILA-RESPA Disclosure Rules Effective as of October, 2015 Starting October 3, 2015, new rules went into effect for any loan application taken on or after that particular date. Part of these new rules relate to the forms and timing with … [Continue reading]

Hoffmeyer Presents Seminars

William F. Hoffmeyer, Esquire

William F. Hoffmeyer Presented Numerous Seminars Recently   William F. Hoffmeyer, Senior Partner of the Law Firm of Hoffmeyer & Semmelman, LLP, recently co-presented the following seminars: “How To Identify the Unauthorized Practice … [Continue reading]

Claim What’s Yours – The Family Exemption

  The Family Exemption and the Elective Share This article examines what assets of a decedent’s property are subject to exemption, election, and the parties entitled thereto. The Family Exemption The family exemption is a statutory right … [Continue reading]

Hoffmeyer Speaking on Estate Administration in PA

Hoffmeyer Speaking on the Probate Process On August 20, 2015, partner William Hoffmeyer joins NBI to speak about "The Probate Process from Start to Finish." During this seminar, Hoffmeyer will join other faculty to take lawyers through an … [Continue reading]

Hoffmeyer Speaking for NBI on Title Insurance and Real Estate

William Hoffmeyer Speaking on Title Insurance, Legal Ethics and Drafting Purchase/Sale Agreements and Deeds for NBI On August 17, 2015, Partner William Hoffmeyer joins NBI (the National Business Institute) to speak at Legal Descriptions, Title … [Continue reading]