Why Should You Have Owner’s Title Insurance?

Title Insurance Matters – Here’s Why Owner’s Title Insurance protects your home which in many cases is an individual’s largest investment. It is a one-time fee that protects the owner’s property rights for as long as the home is owned by that owner. In addition, your heirs are protected based upon your purchase of title […]

James G. Keenan Again Chosen for 10 Best in Client Satisfaction!

James G. Keenan Recognized by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys for Client Satisfaction! James Keenan, the head of Hoffmeyer & Semmelman’s Family Law Group, has again been recognized by the American Institute of Legal Counsel as a 10 Best Attorney in Family Law for client satisfaction. In order to be recognized, the attorney must […]

Why Prince Shows You Need a Will

Prince Left No Will – Which Means He Left a Problem Anyone who has paid even a small bit of attention to the news of late, knows that legendary musician Prince passed away. Most people will never have the kind of money and property Prince had, but still, he provides the perfect example of why […]

13 Consecutive Time as Super Lawyer for William Hoffmeyer

William F. Hoffmeyer, Senior Partner in the law firm of Hoffmeyer & Semmelman, LLP, has been named by Pennsylvania Super Lawyers magazine as one of the top attorneys in Pennsylvania for 2016.  No more than five percent of the lawyers in the state are selected by the research team at Super Lawyers to receive this […]

Does Pro Se Mean You Have a Fool for a Client?

Why Self-Representation is a Serious Mistake “He Who Represents Himself Has a Fool For a Client” – Abraham Lincoln  Hoffmeyer & Semmelman’s mission is to provide you the highest quality legal service through aggressive representation using practical advice and efficient service. The firm’s mission statement encompasses many concepts which are designed to assist you in legal […]

James G. Keenan Again Recognized for Client Satisfaction in Family Law

James G. Keenan Again Recognized for Exceptional Performance For the second consecutive year, The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys (AIOFLA) has recognized the exceptional performance of James G. Keenan, Partner and Chair of the Family Law Division of Hoffmeyer & Semmelman, LLP, by naming him one of 2016’s 10 Best Family Law Attorneys for […]

Loss of Real Estate Through Adverse Possession

Adverse Possession of Real Estate QUESTION:  If you hold title to real estate by a deed or by inheritance, can you lose that ownership by a person taking possession of your property openly, notoriously, hostilely, continuously, and visibly for a period in excess of 21 years? ANSWER:  Yes. In Pennsylvania, the legal concept of adverse possession has […]

What Is a Notary Public in Pennsylvania and Why Do You Need One?

A Notary Public is an individual appointed and commissioned by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Notaries as a public official have been granted powers pursuant to the Notary Public Law of 1953, as amended (57 P.S. § 147 et seq.) such as administering oaths and affirmations, taking affidavits and sworn verifications, taking acknowledgements, […]

Grandparent Rights and Child Custody in PA

Grandparent Rights to Child Custody in Pennsylvania   In Pennsylvania grandparents and great-grandparents have the right to seek custody of their grandchildren in certain circumstances. It must first be understood that Pennsylvania divides custody of children into two separate types: legal and physical. The right of legal custody is the authority to make decisions for […]

Positives and Negatives of Corporations in Pennsylvania

Forming a Corporation in Pennsylvania Previously, we explored the business entity called an LLC. We explained why LLCs can be advantageous here in Pennsylvania.  Another business form that can be extremely useful is the Corporation. Our focus in this article is on a for-profit business. The corporation can be a C corp. or an S […]