Title Insurance

By Marci J. Heidelbaugh Reviewed by William F. Hoffmeyer, Esquire If you are purchasing or refinancing real estate, you need title insurance.   When you finance real estate, title insurance is not a choice – it is a lender requirement.   What Is title insurance?  Title insurance can be described as a process that begins with a […]

Interesting Pennsylvania Cases

Pennsylvania Case Law Update This article discusses various cases recently decided by the appellate courts. Sheriff’s Sale.  A person has a right to real property and before a person may be deprived of this right, a party must follow all of the requirements to sell real estate at a Sheriff’s Sale.  These requirements apply even […]

What is Title Insurance?

By Vicki M. Runkle, Support Professional Reviewed by William F. Hoffmeyer, Esquire There are two types of title insurance policies. One protects the owner of a property and one protects the lender when a mortgage is given against a piece of real estate. Owners title insurance consists of a one-time premium that is typically paid […]