Family Law at Hoffmeyer & Semmalman

We have 3 Attorneys Devoted to Family Law Practice


William Hoffmeyer explains the family law practice at Hoffmeyer & Semmelman.

Hoffmeyer & Semmelman has three attorneys in York PA and surrounding areas who are dedicated solely to the practice of family law; which involves custody, support, visitation and divorce. Our attorneys practice family law in a multi-county area throughout central Pennsylvania. If you are considering initiating an action in divorce, or if you have been served with a complaint in divorce, or your spouse has advised you that they are going to seek a divorce, you immediately must contact legal counsel in order to learn your rights before you sign some document presented to you by your spouse by which you may be giving up the rights to which you are legally entitled.

H&S has 3 Attorneys Devoted to Family Law Practice

At H&S we have 3 York PA attorneys devoted completely to family law practice.