York, PA Elder Law Attorneys

York Elder Law AttorneysWhat is Elder Law?

The York elder law attorneys at Hoffmeyer & Semmelman focus on providing services to seniors and their family members. Whether you are placing a parent in a nursing home, have concerns about asset preservation and estate planning, or simply require a firm familiar with the unique concerns of the older members of our population, our experienced attorneys are here for you. Contact us for assistance at 717-846-8846.

How Can an Elder Law Attorney Help Me?

As Shrewsbury elder law attorneys, our team focuses on the needs of the senior members of our society. All of the services we provide to our other clients we provide to our elder law clients and their family members. However, there are also some unique issues that are of specific concern to the elderly with which we can help.

Areas of specific interest to the elderly include:

  • Powers of attorney/living wills. These important documents enable a trusted person to make decisions for an incapacitated elderly person.
  • Estate & Financial planning. This includes assistance with financial planning such as taking advantage of gift taxes and proper handling of income, as well as traditional estate planning such as creation of wills and trusts. In addition, we can help make certain that one spouse will be properly protected in case another passes away or needs to live in a long term care facility.
  • If an elderly person should become incapacitated, a family member might seek to have guardianship powers. In some cases, the person may feel that she is not incapacitated, and desire to challenge such an effort.

Who Should I Contact for Help With Elder Law?

Our York PA law firm is able to assist you with any of your legal needs in central Pennsylvania. We are well aware of the special issues that the older members of our community face and are here to help you and your family. We have law offices in York, Shrewsbury, and Mt Wolf. In addition, if you are unable to travel, we may be able to visit you.  Please contact us today at 717-846-8846 for help.

York Elder Law Attorneys in Shrewsbury
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York Elder Law Attorneys in Shrewsbury
The elder law attorneys at Hoffmeyer & Semmelman understand the unique legal issues that the elder members of our society often face. We can help
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