Why Everybody Needs a Will

A Will is Key – No Matter your Finances

needs a will

Protecting your family is a huge part of why you need a will.

A lot of people think that if they don’t have a lot of money or property, then they don’t need a will. Unfortunately, these people often leave problems for their loved ones after they die. A properly drafted will is something that anyone over the age of 18 needs. The reason is that wills impact many areas beyond your finances.

What about your Children?

For those who have children, wills are a critical way of making certain the children will be provided for if both parents should die in a tragic accident. Every parent should make certain that s/he prepares for their children’s future by choosing the right guardians and providing the appropriate financial planning through a will and other estate planning documents.

How about your Pets?

Many people have pets for whom they care a great deal. Many pets end up in shelters due to the failure of their owners to provide instructions and financial care upon their deaths. Pets need to be addressed in your will.

Who will Manage your Facebook Account?

Your will can instruct Facebook or Twitter to allow a specific person to take over your account. This matters if you want the account deleted or preserved as a memorial.

What Happens to your Body?

In addition, you can instruct your loved ones what you would like done with your body after you die. If you have strong feelings about being buried versus cremated, it is important that you have a legally binding document making your wishes known. Also, the type of funeral service, celebration of life service, or desire for no service, should be addressed.

Make Sure the Will Addresses your Needs

Many people think they need a “simple” will and as a result can go to a website, enter some information, and presto, the document is done. The problem with this is that, as you can see, there are many issues to consider. You want to make sure you think through all issues so that you can properly instruct your executor. When you sit down with an estate lawyer, he can help you identify the myriad concerns you will be unlikely to even consider, such as the ones mentioned here.

Talk to an Estate Lawyer

Regardless of the amount of “stuff” you own, it is in your best interests to speak to a York PA estate attorney about how to manage all of the issues that will arise upon your death. Don’t leave your family and friends to try to guess about your wishes. Provide them with clear instructions along with the legal means to follow them. Get yourself a will.