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York Unemployment Compensation AttorneysWhat is Employment and Labor Law?

The employment & labor law team at Hoffmeyer & Semmelman focuses its practice on issues surrounding wrongful termination, employment contracts and discrimination actions. We represent both employers and employees in disputes and litigation before the various human relation commissions of Pennsylvania and in the state and federal court system. For assistance with your employment law matter, contact us today at 717-846-8846.

What Can an Employer Be Sued For?

It is important to understand that Pennsylvania is what is called an “at-will” jurisdiction. “At will” simply means that an employer may fire an employee for virtually any reason or for no reason at all.  However, there are limitations on the ability to termination at will. This is where wrongful termination comes in.

Wrongful Termination

There is a substantial difference between unfair termination and wrongful termination. The main difference is that wrongful termination is legally actionable, while unfair termination is not. The question is, when does unfair become wrongful? This is where the disputes arise and where skilled legal representation becomes necessary.

The most commonly successful types of claims against employers involve:

What Should I do Before Employment Termination?

Employers, if you would like to terminate an employee, but you have any question as to whether that termination would be unlawful, contact our firm to discuss your options. It is best to avoid a dispute if you are able to do so. However, if you cannot avoid a dispute, handling the termination properly is key to managing any potential lawsuit that could arise.

Employees, if you believe that you might be terminated for an unlawful reason, contact us prior to the termination. We can talk with you about what you are experiencing and help you determine if the behavior in which your employer is engaging is inappropriate.

What Should I Do After Employment Termination?

Employers, if you have terminated an employee and believe you might be facing a lawsuit, or if a lawsuit has been filed, contact us immediately so we can help you respond quickly and appropriately. A fast and solid response is a crucial part of managing any employment-related litigation.

Employees, if you have been terminated and feel that the termination violated the law, contact us immediately so we can help you determine (a) if the firing was unlawful and (b) what steps you should take to enforce your rights. We can help you file the proper claims before the HRC or in state or federal court.

Who Should I Call for Help With Employment and Labor Law?

Whether you are an employer or an employee, the York PA labor and employment lawyers at Hoffmeyer & Semmelman can assist you. Call us today at 717-846-8846.

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