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Pennsylvania foreclosure lawyersForeclosures are complicated and require that all legal issues be properly managed throughout the process to protect the mortgagee. At Hoffmeyer & Semmelman, our lawyers represent homeowners in mortgage foreclosure actions. We know every aspect of Pennsylvania law and will make certain that our clients are properly protected. In addition to handling foreclosures, we also help resolve mortgage lending disputes to see if it is possible to avoid the foreclosure in the first place. Contact our York Pennsylvania real estate lawyers today for assistance.

What is a Foreclosure?

In a foreclosure, the lender seeks to recover the remainder of a loan when the borrower is no longer making payments. The lender does this by forcing the sale of the property for which it provided the mortgage. There are a number of ways a homeowner may seek to avoid losing his home when he is unable to make his payments.  In addition to government programs, an experienced Pennsylvania attorney may be able to stop the process by communicating with the bank on the owner’s behalf. At Hoffmeyer & Semmelman, our attorneys have substantial experience assisting home and business owners in their efforts to halt foreclosures. We also protect owners’ rights during the process.

Our Real Estate Team

Foreclosure Lawyer in Shrewsbury

In some cases, communication through a qualified lawyer can help stop the foreclosure process.

The head of our York PA real estate team, William Hoffmeyer is the founder of our firm, and also a sought after expert witness in real estate matters. He is a frequent speaker on all matters related to real estate law. You can be certain that he will represent you to the highest of ethical and legal standards.

Who Can Help Me With a Foreclosure?

If you are a mortgagee and need assistance with a foreclosure action, the experienced lawyers at Hoffmeyer & Semmelman can assist you during this process. We help our clients through every step of the way and work with you to protect your interests. Contact us today to find out how our lawyers in York PA can help.

Pennsylvania Foreclosure Attorneys
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Pennsylvania Foreclosure Attorneys
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