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Retaining the right estate planning lawyer makes all the difference in your loved ones’ lives.

You have worked hard throughout your life. You have done your best to leave a nest egg for your spouse, children and loved ones. Now is the time to make sure that you choose the right York estate planning lawyers to help you protect those assets for which you worked so hard.

At Hoffmeyer & Semmelman, our estate planning attorneys in York have helped hundreds of people like you manage their assets both during life and after death. Contact us today to learn about the services we provide.

Do I Need Estate Planning if I Already Have a Will?

While it is true that everybody needs a will, proper estate planning comprises much more than just that one document. Wills simply let the court and your loved ones know where your assets should go. A properly crafted estate plan provides many more protections. When you come to our firm, our York estate lawyers will:

  • Analyze your entire estate
  • Work with you to craft a plan to minimize your tax liabilities and debts
  • Make sure you are aware of all options for planning your estate
  • Explain your rights and obligations if you are married or have children
  • Explore the possibility of whether trusts are appropriate for you

Can Estate Planning Help Me Now?

Many assume that estate planning is simply what happens to your estate after you die. But estate planning can also help protect you during life. For example, if you should become incapacitated, the right powers of attorney will enable a loved one you trust to make health care and financial decisions for you. In addition, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, tax planning, insurance and other forms of asset protection can help you to make certain you keep your financials in top shape while you are still alive. Our York estate planning attorneys are here to protect your assets during life as well as to keep them safe after you pass away.

Who Do I Contact for Estate Planning?

It is important that you make certain that your estate plan works for you and your family. Hoffmeyer & Semmelman’s York estate planning team has substantial experience in creating the right estate plans for clients of all ages.

For your convenience, we have offices in York, Shrewsbury and Mt Wolf. For our elderly or infirm clients, we are often able to travel to your home or long-term care facility. Contact us today for a consultation.

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York Estate Planning Lawyers
Our York estate planning attorneys have substantial experience in helping our clients protect their assets in life and after they have passed away.