Pennsylvania Zoning and Municipal Law

Pennsylvania Zoning and Municipal LawIn Pennsylvania, zoning and municipal law can be both frustrating and challenging. The laws vary by location and require attorneys who have the knowledge and ability to help you stand up for your rights even in the most complex of situations. If you find yourself in need of assistance with municipal regulations and restrictions on land use, Hoffmeyer & Semmelman’s zoning and municipal law attorneys in York PA can help. Contact us today at 717-846-8846 for assistance

What is Zoning and Municipal Law?

Whenever you seek to create new construction or engage in redevelopment of your property, you must follow numerous zoning and development laws. These laws, if not followed, can cause substantial delay and expense. Sometimes variances are necessary to avoid fines and other problems. Examples of common types of Pennsylvania municipal laws may be found on the Government Commission’s website.

Common zoning and municipal issues include:

  • Residential
    • Number and placement of structures
    • Historic zoning (alteration of structures)
    • Esthetic zoning (appearance, use of solar panels, addition of decks)
    • Permitted uses (including home businesses)
    • Eminent domain
  • Commercial
    • Business use
    • Hours of operation
    • Parking
    • Noise
    • Use for commercial purposes in residential areas
  • Industrial
    • Environmental issues
    • Substantial set-back requirements
  • Agricultural
    • Density of development
    • Restrictions on non-farming use

How Can A Lawyer Help With Zoning and Municipal Issues?

Given the complexity and number of both Pennsylvania and federal zoning and municipal laws, it is critical that you have assistance right from the start. Retaining the experienced counsel from Hoffmeyer & Semmelman right from the beginning can help you avoid the serious and costly delays that will occur if you do not follow the proper regulations. Our Pennsylvania zoning and municipal attorneys can help by providing proactive advice prior to building, or by representing you during the appeals process. We have substantial experience in handling complex zoning issues.

Who Can Help Me With Zoning and Municipal Law?

Whether you are a private individual seeking to develop your own land, or a business or public entity, our zoning and municipal attorneys have the experience to represent you. Our lawyers frequently work with zoning boards and other governmental entities to obtain all necessary approvals and permits.

Contact the lawyers at Hoffmeyer & Semmelman today for help throughout Pennsylvania. We have law offices in York, Shrewsbury, and Mt. Wolf PA.

Pennsylvania Zoning and Municipal Law Attorneys
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Pennsylvania Zoning and Municipal Law Attorneys
Whenever you seek to create new construction or engage in redevelopment of your property, you must follow numerous zoning and municipal laws. We can help.
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