Living Wills Explained by Bill Hoffmeyer


What is a living will? Find out from a central Pennsylvania estate law firm.

A living will is a document by which you determine, while you are in a good healthy condition, which procedures you want performed on you and which ones you do not want performed on you, if you are in a terminable or unconscious condition and are not able to make those decisions for yourself.

There’s a menu on a living will and you will be asked to initial which of those procedures you do want and which of those procedures you do not want performed on you. You should also name surrogates. Surrogates are the individuals who you absolutely you trust and who you know will make the appropriate decision for your care if you are unable to do so and you are in that terminable or unconscious condition. These are the individuals who will emphasize to the health care professionals that there is no hope of your survival that you should no longer be hooked up artificially to be kept alive, but that in effect the plug should be pulled and you should be permitted to die peacefully.

If on the other hand you under no circumstances want the plug to be pulled unless you can die naturally, and therefore you do not want anyone to tell the doctors to forget it but you want the surrogates to tell the doctors to keep you alive under any circumstances, then those are the wishes you must express to your surrogates.

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